3D Printing to Save Lives.
56 grams
of PETG away.

How it works

Step 01
Submit the Form

Please tell us about yourself and your plan to volunteer: submit the 3D Printing Intent Form.

Step 02
Get Files & Print

Instantly get an email with your personalized tourniquet STL files and printing instructions. Please follow them closely.

Step 03
Send Parts

Send parts to our collection point in your country or to Poland. Please submit a Parts Shipping Form.

After you send parts…

Step 04
Parts Testing

Our team in Poland and Ukraine performs printed parts testing.

Step 05
Sewing in Ukraine

Our sewing shops in several Ukrainian cities sew tourniquets.

Step 06
Secure delivery

We donate tourniquets directly to Ukrainian soldiers on the front line. We use our own logistics.

Important Links:

Only for your own testing purposes. Do not use for production for us.

Production printing starts here. Complete the form to get your personalized STL files.

Are you sending parts to us?
Please let us know.