Jakub KaminskiWorcester Polytechnic Institute, MAProject Manager, Founder, Hardware design & Documentation, IT
Oleg FarenyukUkrainian Catholic UniversityProfessor, Principal Investigator, Quality Control Processes
Leonid HulkoAtelier Leonid HulkoProduction in Wrocław, Poland, Poland-Ukraine supply chain, Materials selection, Prototyping, Fundraising in Poland
Oleksii MelikovGymnasium 172 „Nyvky”Manufacturing Lead in Lviv, Supervisor of user studies
Karyna VolokhatiukUkrainian Catholic UniversityVolunteering Team Manager in Lviv, Communication with project partners
Andrea KozlovskyyUkrainian Catholic University3D Printing and Sewing Coordinator in Lviv, User studies, Communication with project partners
Alexander WolynskiProduction in Switzerland, Prototyping, Fundraising in Switzerland
Michael KovalenkoProduction and Logistic in Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine
Severyn PomirkoELEKSTechnical documentation, Ukrainian Translations
Rupen DajeeTeam RubiconFundraising in the USA
Alicja KaminskaPoznan University of Medical SciencesFundraising in Poland, Logistics in Poznan, Poland
Natalia KwiatkowskaPoznan University of Medical SciencesFundraising in Poland, Production Coordinator in Poznan, Poland
Oleg KrystyniakLviv Self-Defense WarriorsTCCC-certified Combat Medicine Training Instructor, testing tourniquets, first-aid training sessions
Elena BlaginykhRussian translations
Myroslava KushnirUkrainian Catholic UniversityRegulatory, Certifications, Fundraising
Bohdan MelnykGymnasium 172 „Nyvky”3D Printing Network in Kiev

3D Printing Contributors

PersonAffiliationCity, Country
Andrea KozlovskyyUkrainian Catholic UniversityLviv, Ukraine
Filip ŽákovecPysely, Středočeský Kraj, Czech Republic
Stanisław FetekeOdkrycie FoundationWrocław, Poland
Alexander WolynskiSwitzerland
Mariusz Matłosz3LIANWrocław, Poland
Tomasz DedichTDI-CADWrocław, Poland
Maciej MichnaRzeszów, Poland
Daria MinieievaUkrainian Catholic UniversityLviv, Ukraine
Vira SaliievaUkrainian Catholic UniversityLviv, Ukraine
Volodymyr KuzmaUkrainian Catholic UniversityLviv, Ukraine
Oleksandr ShchurUkrainian Catholic UniversityLviv, Ukraine
Pavlo KryvenUkrainian Catholic UniversityLviv, Ukraine
Yurii KharabaraUkrainian Catholic UniversityLviv, Ukraine
Oleksii HoievUkrainian Catholic UniversityLviv, Ukraine
Oleksandra StasiukUkrainian Catholic UniversityLviv, Ukraine
Marko ZahartovskyiUkrainian Catholic UniversityLviv, Ukraine
Bohdan ShevchukUkrainian Catholic UniversityLviv, Ukraine
Fedir ZhurbaUkrainian Catholic UniversityLviv, Ukraine
Svitlana HovorovaUkrainian Catholic UniversityLviv, Ukraine
Ostap SeryvkoUkrainian Catholic UniversityLviv, Ukraine
Bohdan MelnykUkrainian Catholic UniversityLviv, Ukraine
Matthias HoffmanAachen, Germany
Jakub KaminskiWorcester Polytechnic Institute, MABoston, MA, USA


Ukrainian Catholic University, Applied Science Faculty (Lviv, Ukraine)
The Odkrycie Foundation (Wrocław, Poland)


We are grateful for generous filament donations from 3D printing material producer Devil Design Sp. J and professional help in project documentation in the Ukrainian language provided by ELEKS software engineering company.

Recognizing Existing Commercial Products and other OpenSource Work

Several existing military-grade tourniquet products have influenced this work: North American Rescue; Combat Medical Systems; Tactical Medical Solutions. It is advised to use these commercial solutions when available. Our project focuses on development of a tourniquet specifically for Ukraine in 2022. With our design, we provide excellent manufacturability with 3D printing, viable documentation, fundraising, and incorporated logistics to support Ukrainian people.

Besides the commercial designs, our work is motivated by earlier experiences of the OpenSource community. If you are interested in our project please also check out tourniquet realized by Dr. Tarek Loubani, MD and GLIA who successfully deployed their 3D Printed tourniquets in the past.