We are grateful for your interest in supporting Ukraine through our initiative. 100% of donations go to tourniquet manufacturing. We are volunteers. Each 5 USD = 1 tourniquet professionally produced by our sewing shops in Ukraine and donated to Ukrainian first responders and Territorial Defense units.

How to donate?

PayPal and checks: (tax-deducible in the USA)
We Make HI is a US-based 501(k)(c) charity (EIN: 85-2170368) founded by Dr. Brett Carey to make dentures for low income patients which we have done successfully in cooperation with local community health centers in Hawaii. As a small nonprofit our goal is to augment the tremendous work of the additive manufacturing community. We now support 3DPrinting for Ukraine Project and its effort to bring tourniquets to people in Ukraine.

PayPal donation, We Make HI (tax-deducible, globally): Please click here

Mailing checks, We Make HI (tax-deducible, in the USA):
75-5775 Kaila Place,
Kailua-kona, HI 96740
United States

Bank transfers: (tax-deducible in Europe)
Child-Help is a German-based charity that stands for solidarity with people affected by Spina Bifida disease or Hydrocephalus. Child-Help specifically cares for children in countries of the Global South. We enable surgeries that need to be performed immediately after birth. In the ongoing war in Ukraine, we cooperate with Mission Ihor Vitenko and the volunteers of the 3DPrinting Ukraine Project who produce tourniquets.

Child-Help, Bank transfer (tax-deducible):
Stadtsparkasse Bad Pyrmont
DE13 2545 1345 0051 0851 73
Please use the word “Tourniquet” in the transfer and leave the whole name and address so that we can follow up with a tax reduction certificate for the donor.

How else can you help?

  • 3D printing service or filament donations
  • Professional 3D printing services (ideally: SLS)
  • Injection molding (in the long run)
  • Medical contacts
  • Contacts for sourcing tourniquet production materials internationally

For international supporters, please contact Jakub Kaminski (jkaminski@wpi.edu, LinkedIn)