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The Urgent Need for Tourniquets

During the war time, whether a wounded person lives or dies can depend on a simple device: a tourniquet. But due to a global shortage, many Ukrainian soldiers and civilians lack this essential life-saving tool. Once injured, a person has as little as three minutes to stop bleeding. This initiative is to change the outcome of these three minutes.

This project was realized in March 2022 – September 2022. We retain this website for future reference. As of December 2022, we maintain only limited sewing operations in Poland and use the remaining materials for tourniquets production.

Operations of 3D Printing For Ukraine Project have been completed.
We recommend using TCCC-certified tourniquets from accredited sources. Reliable commercial tourniquets are now much more accessible.

Our Mission

In this project, we made and donated high-quality tourniquets for the Ukrainian soldiers and civilians, so that more lives could be saved. Our tourniquets were used on the front lines. This project is Open Source. We openly share project models, documentation, and our know-how. Our sewing operations were based primarily in Ukraine to empower local communities.

We are an international team of volunteers: medical professionals, engineers, students, and all those motivated to help in this crisis. We cooperated with volunteers at the Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv (Faculty of Applied Sciences), developed and test tourniquet hardware, 3D print tourniquet parts, coordinate production, ensure tourniquets’ quality, and distributed them directly to people in need.

What makes our emergency tourniquet?



Our tourniquet is not certified.

Please always use a TCCC-certified tourniquet,
if you have access to such a device.

Why help 3DPrintingforUkraine.com?

  • Tourniquet design based on well-established industry standards
  • Successfully tested by emergency physicians (not officially certified)
  • Successfully deployed in the field in Ukraine by medical professionals and soldiers
  • Design optimized for 3D printing (no supports, 0.4-0.8mm nozzle)
  • Simple sewing at scale with illustrated instructions
  • Strict quality control measures and a network of sewing experts
  • Established supply chain in Ukraine and Poland;
  • Developed with 100% volunteering effort; by the team who successfully deployed 40 000 protection masks and 15 000 face shields (during COVID-19)


Technology & Project Development:
Jakub Kaminski (Founder)
Message via Facebook: facebook.com/jakub.t.kaminski
Message via LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/jtkaminski/
Email: jkaminski@wpi.edu
Languages: Polish, English

Logistics in Poland:
Leonid Hulko (Logistics Lead in Poland)
Message via Facebook: facebook.com/leonid.hulko
Phone: +48881441025 (Poland)
Languages: Ukrainian, Polish

Production and Logistcs in Ukraine:
Oleg Farenyuk (Principal Investigator), Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/oleg-farenyuk-9625951b
Languages: Ukrainian, English


The hardware designs, instructions, products or services are provided voluntarily by 3DPrintingforUkraine.com contributors with best intentions and care, yet they do not have FDA or medCE approval; are not certified as a medical device; and are not intended for any clinical use. The hardware designs, instructions, products, or services provided herein are intended to be used solely in regions of military conflicts in which no medical-grade tourniquets or other applicable medical aids are available. 3DPrintingforUkraine.com contributors provide tourniquets as is and make no representations or warranties, and shall not be responsible for the competency of any person who uses or applies the presented hardware designs, instructions, products, or services.

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